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Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers are chosen for their expertise, experience, or unique perspective on a specific subject, and their role is to set the tone for the event, inspire and engage the audience, and provide valuable insights and takeaways.

Religious Preacher

Church preachers often have a deep understanding of theology and the Bible, and they use their knowledge to deliver sermons that inspire, educate, and provide spiritual nourishment to their audience.

Workshop Clinician

Workshops are interactive and hands-on learning sessions designed to provide participants with practical skills, knowledge, and experiences in a specific area of interest or expertise.

Radio/Podcast Guest

Dr. Shepherd hosts a weekly podcast.


Hi, I’m Dr. Shepherd

Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Named “Top Doctor” in the field of psychiatry, his holistic approach to wellness has made him a highly sought after and well-respected motivational speaker. Renowned for his caring and nurturing bedside manner, Dr. Shepherd has served and provided treatment for clients in a nvariety of areas including mood, anxiety, trauma related disorders and more.

His mission is to help all individuals obtain access to quality mental health services.

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